“What If” Brandon Knights Stays?

Draft Express has Brandon Knight projected as the 22nd pick of the first round of their 2011 Mock NBA Draft. But “what if” Brandon Knight decided to stay?

With the introduction of Marquis Teague into the 2011-12 team, having Knight and Teague on the same roster could create a quandary for Coach Calipari. Both are the number 1 point guard of their respective classes, Knight from the 2010 class and Teague from 2011.

Jerry Meyers of Rivals.com has his thoughts on how Coach Calipari would handle the situation.

If Knight were to return to Kentucky, he would play the two, and Teague would play the one. Now, if there were ever a system that can accommodate two point guards, it would be Calipari’s offense. But on the other hand, moving to the second point guard would likely influence Knight to enter the draft.

Knight doesn’t have the quickness, change of direction and passing ability off the dribble to match Teague. Teague is one of the most explosive and shifty players with the basketball. He has an uncanny ability to move laterally with the basketball to get around defenders while still maintaining vision of the court.

Knight is a better shooter than Teague, so the natural set-up would be for Teague to be the primary ballhandler and for Knight to fill the wing as a scorer.

For Calipari, this would be a welcome problem. I do agree that Knight could easily play the two spot, but here’s my problem with his thought process.

Experience: Knight will have a full year under his belt and under the tutelage of Calipari. It would be hard for me to believe that Teague could walk in and take over the most important position on the floor. This is the floor general. The position that is expected to run the show on both ends of the court. To place Teague in a must learn position when Knight already has the experience, seems a tough call. Yes, I believe Calipari would play Teague and play him often, but it would be late in the season before I could imagine Teague entirely running the team.

Lamb: Doron Lamb is not projected in either the first or the second round of the 2011 Mock Draft. That means Lamb should return to Kentucky for his Sophomore season. Lamb is a deadly shooter, with unlimited range and a tremendous ability to take the ball to the hoop with his deadly floater. To choose between Lamb and Knight means one of your two sharp shooters is sitting the bench. Its hard for me to believe that Coach Calipari isn’t going to give Brandon Knight maximum minutes.

Knight coming back isn’t unrealistic. He easily could graduate in two years and his stock will only improve as he gets a second year under his belt with Coach Calipari.

If Knight returns, I’m pretty sure that this is a problem Coach Calipari would welcome with open arms.

Go Cats!!!

Read Jerry Meyers complete article here.


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