Is Brandon Knight The Key

Brandon Knight, the John Wall replacement, another in a long line of number 1 point guards to play under John Calipari, current college and future NBA superstar and, Brandon Knight may be the key to Kentucky winning, either at home or on the road.

In the five losses, all on the road, Brandon Knight is only averaging 12 points on 23-64 for a whopping 35.94%. On the other hand, Brandon is averaging 18.81 points on 101-208 from the field for 48.56% during the 16 Kentucky wins.

Of the five losses, he had his lowest scoring out put of the season at 6 points against UCONN. His highest out put was 15 , which occurred in two of the five losses, North Carolina and then again Tuesday night against Ole Miss.

Here’s a list of his lowest points totals to date. Bold indicates Kentucky losses:

1 – UCONN – 6 points
2 – At Georgia – 10 points
3 – Georgia – 11 points
4 – Auburn/Oklahoma – 13
6 – At Alabama – 14 points
7 – Mississippi Valley St – 14 points
8 – At North Carolina/At Ole Miss – 15 points

As you can see, five of his nine lowest scoring performances occurred during the five losses  Kentucky suffered. No, this doesn’t mean that Brandon Knight is the reason Kentucky lost those five games. Many factors come into play for a team to either win or lose. This is a team sport and although one player can carry a team to victory, it’s hard for one player to lead a team to defeat.

Tuesday evening, Brandon single handily brought Kentucky back with his own personal 10-3 run. Of course, Terrence Jones did the same thing at the end of the game, scoring 10 points in the critical run that put the Cats in front by 1 point.

Ultimately Kentucky, the team, lost all five games and won all sixteen. But it does appear that Brandon Knight and his overall scoring performance, plays a major role in the ultimate outcome of the game, more then any other player on the team.

Like Wall, Knight is a scoring machine and has the capabilities to put up big numbers. Through 21 games last year, John was averaging 16.9 points per game while Brandon is averaging 17.2.

Wall had one game below 10 points during his first 21, that was against Hartford, when he set the single game assists record of 16 while only scoring 9 points. Brandon has had one game in single digits, that at the hands of UCONN where he only scored 6.

Both are super floor generals and have the ability to take over a game if needed. But unlike last years team where the talent flowed like milk and honey, this years team appears to go as Brandon Knight goes. When he’s scoring, the Cats are winning, when he struggles, the Cats have struggled, losing 5 out of 9 games where Brandon has scored 15 or less.

Like last years team, someone else is going to have to become the consistent fourth scorer. Knight, Jones and Lamb cannot carry the Cats. Like Calipari has stated over and over, consistent production from the other three in the rotation is key.

Until that happens, pray for Brandon Knight to score 16 points or more.

Go Cats!!!


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