John Calipari To Joe B Hall: You Just Sit There…

A lot has been flying around the news world about a potential secondary rules infraction committed by Kentucky last week.

The potential infraction: According to NCAA rules, a temporary consultant can be brought in to counsel the coaches. But that consultant is not supposed to interact with athletes. During Friday’s interview session, UK center Josh Harrellson said Brown had been participating in practice.

Something about Coach Brown instructing the players when he isn’t an actual staffer for John Calipari and the Wildcats. Don’t know every detail and truthfully, I’m not worried about it but if you would like to read Tipton’s take, including the complete NCAA by-law, here’s the link.

In today’s presser, Calipari had a little fun with the media at the expense of Coach Joe B. Hall and Jerry Tipton. Apparently Coach Hall walked into the press conference (One of the benefits of winning a National Title at Kentucky, you can walk in just about anywhere in the state. Seriously, bad comparison, but it has to be like a cow in India. Don’t know what I’m talking about, Google “Cows in India” and check it out) causing Coach Calipari to immediately change topics from a dunking Darius Miller to Coach Hall.

Here is the Coach Calipari/Joe B Hall conversation:

JOHN CALIPARI: Hey, hey Coach Hall. Make sure you’re not doing any coaching today in there. You just sit there and…

JOE B HALL: You mean I gotta quit.

JOHN CALIPARI: Yeah, that stuff that we’ve been doing. You, you’ve got to sit there don’t be doing anything. Tell Kyle the same thing. Don’t talk to these players.

JOE B HALL: Yeah, Tiptons here

Just one of the amazing things about Cal. Stop dead in the middle of a conversation, jump to some humor and attempt to defuse a topic that no one, including the University, really wants to breech.

Rules infraction or not? Sounds like it potentially could be but I wasn’t at practice and I have no idea what Coach Brown did or didn’t do. Either way it made for some fun conversation…

You can see the entire video over at John Clay’s Sidelines by clicking here.

Go Cats!!!


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