BREAKING: John Wall “Cannot Cook”

He’s capable of moves on a basketball court that breaks defenders ankles. His speed is second to none. He was first team All-American as a freshman and was honored multiple times while at Kentucky.

He’s caring, humble, real, down to earth and loved by those inside and outside of the Big Blue Nation. When drafted first in the 2010 NBA Draft, his first concern was not to buy himself a house, but to buy one for his mother.

His hero is his father, who spent a portion of his life behind bars and was taken from John at the early age of 9.

Most would say John Wall is on top of the world, but for John, sometimes it’s the small things in life that are so humbling.

One afternoon Wall, and friend Ty Williams, decided to try and make some cookies.

“They came out black – too black. We had to open up that door back there to get some air in here,” Wall said with a laugh while playing video games with Williams one recent afternoon in his luxury three-bedroom apartment, blocks from Verizon Center. “One day I’m going to learn how to cook.”

Wall didn’t need it, but he got official confirmation: He cannot cook.

Even with a $5.14 million contract this season and a five-year, $25 million shoe contract with Reebok, Wall still talks about remaining “humble and hungry.” Attempting to avert the pitfalls that have sidetracked other NBA rookies.

Initially he asked his mother to live with him, but she felt it was best if he made the transition without her.

Still, John wants mom to be there during the big moments of his life.

“I want her to be a part of it, because she had two to three jobs, sacrificing a lot,” Wall said. “I always wanted the top-notch shoes, the Jordans, and she would always find a way to get it for me. Everything I basically do, I do for her. I got her a house, got her a car and she’s satisfied. She never would ask for anything, but she did everything for me. I don’t want to tour the White House until my mom can.”

John was a member of one of my favorite Kentucky teams. His attitude was one of humility, understanding that he always had room to grow. The size of his head never seemed to be an issue.

He led from the front and admitted when it was his mistake, rarely taking credit for so much of what he accomplished under the lights at Kentucky.

Unless an injury cuts his time short, I fully expect John Wall to be a long term All-Star both on and of the court and look forward to watching his maturation.

Go Cats!!!


Read the entire story at The Washington Post.


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