Ashley Judd On Defense

When it comes to celebrity Kentucky Wildcat fans, no one gets more attention then one Ashley Judd. The California born, Kentucky graduate, draws a camera anytime she shows up in the Bluegrass, especially when she makes herself available at a Kentucky game.

No celebrity has gone as far in showing there support for the Cats as Judd, who once sat in the student section at a North Carolina game, not in Kentucky, but at Chapel Hill.

On Friday, Judd took some time out of her busy day to talk to Tom Leach about defense, books, freshman and other things. Here are a couple of excerpts from Tom’s interview:

“There are a lot of things I like,” Judd said in an interview on the “Leach Report” radio show. “I love DeAndre Liggins’ defense. I think that’s my favorite thing. I think it’s been the most consistent aspect of the team. I love Darius Miller’s midrange game and Josh (Harrellson) has been a wonderful story.”

She admitted to a little apprehension about the ability of teams that are dominated by freshmen being able to bring home a title, “but I think if anyone can make that happen, our coach and his staff can.”

Judd may come to Saturday’s game against Georgia to get her first in-person look at this year’s squad. She’s been too busy up to this point finishing up her first-ever book project. It’s called “All That Is Bitter and Sweet” and is a collection of diary notes from eight-plus years of visiting various countries over the globe to study human rights and public health issues.

If Judd can make the show in Lexington, will she be the “Y” in Kentucky? Seems to be the popular choice.

Ashley or no Ashley, all Cat fans truly want is a win over Georgia and to stay in the hunt for the SEC East and overall title, but if Judd is there, you can bet she’ll take away some of the spotlight from the men on the court.

Go Cats!!!



Check out the full interview on The Leach Report by clicking here.

See the full article at Cat Scratches by clicking here.


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