Anthony Davis – $200,000… Please…

You’ve probably seen it, or at least by now, most likely, you’ve heard about it.

The Chicago Sun-Times made a ludicrous statement earlier today that involved the integrity of 2011 Kentucky Target Anthony Davis, Anthony’s Father and the University of Kentucky Athletic program.

Quotes from the article – Full original article below |

  1. “According to a reliable source, Davis will choose Kentucky. The Kentucky-based blog “Nation of Blue” has reported that two unnamed sources are also claiming Davis will choose Kentucky.” Nation of Blue official response.
  2. “The rumors/sources that have Davis choosing Kentucky are also alleging that the commitment cost $200,000. Davis Sr has flat out denied everything. “We haven’t asked anyone for anything and no one has offered us anything,” Davis Sr said on Thursday at a club basketball event in Merrillville, Ind.”
  3. The Sun Times has since deleted the “rumor” from it’s posted story. (The University of Kentucky did provide a formal legal response to the report – See It Here)
  4. John Clay of Sidelines reported that “Jeff Goodman, Mike DeCourcy, Gregg Doyel and Gary Parrish each blasted the Sun-Times. Even Dan Wolken took a shot. (Wolken is not on John Calipari’s Christmas Card list.)”

Even I know this is irresponsible reporting. Anyone can report a “rumor”, if that was what reporting was about, we’d all be doing it and the best columnist’s would be heaped at the bottom, playing dead last to those who know how to report the biggest line… Tabloids would be the norm and responsible Journalism would be frowned upon.

Go Cats!!!

Original Sun-Times Article

6 Responses to “Anthony Davis – $200,000… Please…”
  1. Utah SEO says:

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  2. Calipari_Hater says:

    So when does the “We have to fire John Calipari for the sanctity of our program!” Article come out?

    • Calipari hater,

      Thanks for the comment. Note that you will NEVER see a fire John Calipari article from this site. That’s not my objective or is it my place to call for someones job. I may state the obvious opinion, but would not call for any man to be fired from a position that I don’t directly manage.

      Go Cats!!!

  3. Jay says:

    Death Penalty for U.K.- Calipari’s biggest bag yet!

  4. Brain, thanks for your comment.

    Time will tell if Davis Sr did or did not ask and if he received any funds for the commitment of Anthony.

    First, Anthony will have to commit to Kentucky for the story to have any chance of being Plausible. Most forget that this critical piece of the puzzle has yet to happen.

    Second, the NCAA will have to do it’s work, if it finds grounds.

    Third, whether he did or didn’t receive finances for the commitment, the journalists was wrong in the way the story was initially written. Just about any journalist will tell you it was handled incorrectly initially. Some of the top Sports Writers out there blasted the columnists (Jeff Goodman, Mike DeCourcy, Gregg Doyel and Gary Parrish each blasted the Sun-Times. Even Dan Wolken took a shot. (Wolken is not on John Calipari’s Christmas Card list.)) at the Sun-Times for the initial report.

    Did or didn’t pay, we report the findings and still Bleed Blue…. Go Cats!!!

    Article from John Clay at Sidelines

  5. brian says:

    What do you say now that the sun times says they are standing by their story in today’s paper with 3 sources saying the dad asked for money for the committment? ha!!!

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