Boogie Being, Well, Boogie…

(Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images)

Rumors and statements floated all around the NBA, ESPN, and tons of media outlets about DeMarcus Cousins and his state of mind prior to the 2010 NBA Draft. Was he teachable? Would he retain his composure? Could he blow up on or off the court? Was he mature enough? Similar statements made prior to him coming to the University of Kentucky.

Some say teams even passed on DeMarcus because he was, well, maybe too big of a risk. Only time will truly tell who DeMarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins turns out to be, but right now he looks like a hero, the steal of the draft, the bell of the ball or whatever other phrase comes to mind. An amazing NBA Summer league performance got him the July Rookie of the Month Award and the praises of every media outlook who saw him play. Double-double after double-double, smile after smile, laugh after laugh, Boogie won the hearts of those around him, just like he did during his time at Kentucky.

He is truly an amazing young man who has a heart the size of Alaska. Yes, he’s emotional and yes he can swing from happy to mad in a matter of seconds, but hey, so can I if the situation is right.

Cousins proved one more time that he is a caring young man who loves the limelight, the fans and the game of basketball. Meet 12 year old Olivia Prewitt. A Big Blue fan who recently had the chance to meet DeMarcus.

Here are some excerpts |

It’s funny how quickly things can change. Nowadays, the words associated with Cousins are All-Star, Rookie of the Year, and steal.  Obviously his performance in Las Vegas played a large part in this, but off the court it seems like Cousins is more than any fan could hope for.  Cousins was recently a special guest at Coach Cal’s ProCamp and when he heard of a fan unable to attend the camp to meet him he stopped the truck taking him to the airport and made a dream come true.

Cousins had no obligation to stop the driver in order to meet with Olivia Prewitt, a 12 year old fan, and her younger brother Jacob, but he did.  In fact, he hopped out of the truck, posed for pictures, and even had John Calipari and John Wall come by to meet them as well.  We’ve said that Cousins was just a big kid, nothing harmful, and his antics with the Prewitt’s prove it.  He told Olivia he’d be back for her on her 18th birthday since she was wearing a “Future Mrs. Cousins” t-shirt.

Obviously it was a day that the Prewitt’s will never forget, and hopefully fans won’t forget it either and will start giving players with “character issues” the benefit of the doubt from now on.

That’s the DeMarcus Cousins UK fans grew to love last season when he was earning all-American honors. He’s engaging and charming. He knew a few minutes of his time would mean the world to a 12-year-old girl from Danville and he didn’t hesitate to converse with her.



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