John Wall’s Summer League TV Ratings Outranked The 2008-09 Wizards

If star power is rated by the draw a player can create on TV, John Wall has proven his star power. The humble 19 year old’s five Summer League games had better ratings then the Washington Wizards 2008-09 Season and the Washington Nationals 2009 Season.

Impressive when you take into account that Wall has yet to actually play a NBA game that counts. For Kentucky fans, we’re all well aware of Wall’s stardom power. From the time he committed to the introduction of the John Wall dance, Wall become the immediate crowd favorite, prior to the 2009-10 Kentucky Basketball Season even starting.

Here are some excerpts from the article |

The five Summer League games on CSN averaged a 0.83 household rating in the D.C. market, equal to nearly 20,000 households, according to Nielsen numbers. It doesn’t sound like much, but bear in mind that the Nats last season averaged a 0.60 rating on MASN and MASN2. Hell, bear in mind that the Wizards averaged a 0.79 rating on CSN in 2008-2009, and a 1.16 last season. So yes, John Wall’s Summer Leaguers outdrew the actual NBA Washington Wizards from two seasons ago, and the actual Washington Nationals from last year.

Sure, those teams were terrible and those seasons felt endless, but the fact remains that the 2010 Wizards Summer Leaguers attracted more TV viewers on average than the 2009 Nats or the 2009 Wizards.

Wall’s debut, Sunday against Golden State, earned a 1.05 rating. His third game, Thursday night against Dallas, earned a 1.22. By way of comparison, before Stephen Straburg arrived, a 1.8 rating was the best the Nats had earned locally since 2007.

I seems it’s safe to say that the Wizards are already getting a return on their investment with John Wall. I expect nothing more then an absolute star from Wall and a humble star to boot.

Full story at The Washington Post

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