What’s Up With The 2010 Incoming Class?

Just like 2009, the incoming recruiting Class of 2010 is creating a buzz around the Big Blue Nation. The number 1 Overall recruiting class has once again touched down in Lexington.

Names like Kanter, Jones, Knight and Poole, to name a few, are becoming household names and fan favorites and they haven’t even played an exhibition game yet.

The buzz comes on the tail of what was a magical season in the Bluegrass State. One that saw the Cats, with a Freshmen heavy team, win the SEC Regular Season Championship, the SEC Tournament Championship, be selected as a Number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and make it to the Elite 8 before a tough shooting night brought what could have been an even more magical season, to a screeching halt.

In between, we witnessed play after amazing play. From game winning shots, to incredible comebacks, to defeats where the young Cats fell just short, to 2 All-Americans, Freshman none the less, and the first team to achieve 2,000 victories. The entire season was a highlight reel.

With the 2010 Class, Cat fans are once again salivating at what seems to be another opportunity for an incredible Kentucky run. So what have these young Cats been doing with their time? Scout.com’s Larry Vaught caught up with Assistant Coach John Robic at the annual UK Ohio Convention where he updated us on UK’s highly ranked incoming Class of 2010.

Here are some excerpts of that interview |

Enes Kanter – Robic discussed Scout’s top ranked center in last year’s class, Enes Kanter, and the hard work he is doing in the weight room. “Enes Kanter you have to keep out of the weight room. He is a big, big young man.

On Kanter’s eligibility, and where the top center in the Class of 2010 is at in the process of being granted eligibility. “It is in the final stages right now, but we think he will be fine,” Robic said. Like other players enrolling at NCAA schools who played overseas Kanter’s status as an amateur is being investigated thoroughly by the NCAA.

Terrence Jones – “is an exceptional player. The weight and strength coaches love him.”

Eloe Vargas – “Eloy Vargas is not here yet. He is still finishing up course work. He will not go on the trip to Canada with us next month. (Note: Student-athletes must be enrolled to be eligible for out of season trips.) If all goes as planned Vargas should receive his SEC required Associates Degree in less than one year after departing from Billy Donovan’s program.

Stacey Poole – Doron Lamb – Brandon Knight – have all been good. They are all good on paper. They seem to get along very well. That’s why we had success last year was because the freshmen got along and got along with returning players and I think that will happen again.”

Robic’s comments on the team’s dedication to strength and conditioning indicates that UK fans may see more of John Calipari’s famed Dribble Drive Motion Offense this season.

“This group has bought into weights and conditioning. We want to be in better shape this season because of the way we will play.”

For many Cat fans, the 2010-11 season won’t get here soon enough, but for now the buzz being created around the Bluegrass State is coming, once again, from Lexington.

Go Cats!!!

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