Meet Kentucky’s DeQuin Evans

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Overcoming, is something that DeQuin Evans is more then familiar with. Growing up in Compton, California, DeQuin knew all about the hard life. His journey to Kentucky is one for anyone to use as an example.

“When you come from where I did, you learn to appreciate everything you have or get,” said Evans. His mother raised him and three younger sisters. His grandfather, Tavita Maefau, was his biggest fan and inspiration but he died when Evans was only 12 years old.

“Everything that people see on TV that happens in Compton or thinks happens in the projects there, it probably does happen.” “I’ve got friends in wheelchairs now and friends who’ve been shot and didn’t even gang-bang. You can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get shot.”

The Advocate-Messenger recently conducted a Q&A with Evans. Here are some excerpts that Evans shared about his life, his football career and his future |

Question: What was your life like growing up and what role, if any, did sports play in your life?

Evans: “When I was a young kid, my mother got me into flag football. Growing up in the neighborhood I did in Compton, Calif., it was a tough neighborhood. She always tried to get me involved in sports to keep me away from all the trouble and all the wrong stuff going on and try to keep me around positive friends and people she knew from church more than people staying in my apartment complex.

Question: Was it easy to listen to your mother at those times?

Evans: “There was so much temptation, so it was hard. If you make the wrong decision, you end up in the wrong place. If you make the right decision, you end up in the right place. But sometimes it is harder to make the right decision and is easier to make the wrong decision. A lot of the times I just listened to my grandfather and buckled down and went to practice.

Question: What did you do between high school and when you started playing junior college football?

“One of my friends played all four years in high school but he was out of football for two years. He was always a player. He told me he was up at Harbor College and I should come up and try. I went up there and talked to the football coach and he said to start workouts next month and get ready.

“I was staying with my cousin, so I moved back to my mom’s house. She had this huge hill about like from one side of Commonwealth Stadium to the top of the other side called Signal Hill. I would go out there. I was heavy — about 260 pounds — with bad weight. I would run that thing until I couldn’t feel my legs no more and was throwing up on the side or the road. I ran like that for a month and a half straight every day. I was hungry. I wanted to play football. I wanted to make my mother proud. I wanted to make my grandfather proud looking down on me. Most of all, I wanted to be a successful man and be a football player.

Question: What was life like at junior college?

“My first season I made all-American. That was huge for me. I was making plays I didn’t know I could my make. My coach after I got done working out one day had Kansas, Oregon, Nevada and bunch of scouts waiting on me. He pulled me to the side and said, ‘I am real proud of you and I just want to let you know you are going to be a successful Division I player as long as you keep up your work.’ Right then it dawned on me. I didn’t know how good I was.

I am not even thinking about the NFL. I just want to be known as a great defensive end at the University of Kentucky.”

Question: Are you really a criminal justice major?

Evans: “Actually I switched to social work, but I want to do the same thing as I was going to do in criminal justice. I want to work with kids who grew up without a father. Anywhere I go, I like working with kids. I like showing kids around.

Question: How often do you get to see family back in California?

Evans: “The last time I saw my mother was after the (Music City) bowl game. I am saving money right now to get my mother down here for our Senior Day. That would be huge for her. I am trying to get her the whole package — hotel, rental car, some extra spending money to take her out to eat. That would be her first game and would be huge for her.  She deserves that because without her, I wouldn’t be here and have a chance to be this successful.”

Evans emerged as a play maker last season, leading the Wildcats in tackles for loss and quarterback sacks in his first year on the team. He made a quick adjustment from junior college and looks to continue his progress after a year of experience in the SEC. Evans has good quickness and a high motor, a combination that often gets him into the opponent backfield. He played and started all 13 games last season and was also named the Team Most’s Outstanding First-Year Defensive Player by the coaching staff.

Expect big things from Evans his Senior Year. In a defense that’s questionable, he should be one of the shining moments.

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