The Next John Wall? Meet Rodney Purvis

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Rodney Purvis may not even be 16 yet. Legally not able to drive a car by himself. But in the world of High School Basketball, Rodney is on top. has Rodney listed as the No. 1 Overall Player in the country for the 2013 Class.

As an incoming Sophomore at Upper Room Christian Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rodney is already hearing the John Wall comparisons and appreciates the fact that he is even mentioned in the same breath.

The comparisons to Wall isn’t just on the court either. Like Wall, he calls Raleigh, N. C. home, he’s a 6-4 point guard and he attends a Christian school.

When asked about the comparison, Rodney said “It’s humbling. Because John Wall is — what? — the No. 1 draft pick in the country. So there’s really no comparison to me. I don’t even feed into it.”

It’s a conscious decision to deflect the “next John Wall” label.

“Honestly, just having my name in that category would be great,” he said before adding a moment later, “If you really get into it, you’d probably try to do too much just to try to be John Wall. That’s something I try not to do.”

Purvis knows Wall. On the day of the NBA Draft, he went to Wall’s house, which he said was about a 10-minute drive away.

“He’s overwhelmed,” Purvis said of Wall’s reaction to the draft. “He’s just a lucky kid. Well, not lucky because he worked for everything he got. He’s a local kid from Raleigh, N.C., who made it. His work ethic will get him over the top.”

That pretty well sums up the advice Purvis said he got from Wall. “Work hard,” he said Wall advised. “Take nothing for granted.”

Although a college commitment is at least two years away, Purvis likes the idea of following Wall to Kentucky. He got a taste by attending a UK camp last summer.

“It’s just a basketball state,” he said. “I mean, there’s nothing else. No distractions at all. Just basketball.”

Coach Calipari has a nose for great Guards and with Purvis placing Kentucky high on his list, 2013 is looking like another stellar year for the Cats.

Jerry Meyers of had this to say about Purvis’ performance at the King City Classic; Purvis “has simply been the best player in the gym. Already with a college ready body, Purvis gets wherever he want to get on the court and then finishes with authority. He is also outstanding defensively. The only fear with Purvis would be that he hits his ceiling too early and stagnates. Nonetheless, he is already better than most anyone on the circuit.”

Wall, Knight, Teague, Purvis. The future in the Guard position looks great for the Big Blue…

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