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July 5, 2010 Edition

Kentucky Wildcat Headlines


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Daniel Orton Debut In The 2010 NBA Summer League



Tonight was night one of the 2010 NBA Summer League for Daniel Orton, and it was a rough first night out. Here are some thought’s of Daniel’s performance, from around the web…


Scott at Nation of Blue Wrote

“Today was the start of the NBA Summer League and our first chance to see any of last years Wildcats on the hardwood. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much to see. The spotlight was definitely on Orton at the start of the broadcast with the commentators talking about Kentucky having 5 players drafted and continuing on bragging about Orton’s size.”


Matt Jones at Kentucky Sports Radio wrote

“There have been bad debuts before and people have bounced back (hat tip to Calipari). Anyone who saw the first week of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where every guest was either Adam Corolla or the Armenian Comedian, would have never imagined it would still be on the air seven years later. But as bad as those in the past may have been, I am not sure that we have seen too many debuts worse than the one Daniel Orton had today. Take a look at his numbers:

1-8 from the field
1-4 FT
3 points
5 Fouls (four of which were offensive and three of which were in the Magic’s first five possessions)
4 Turnovers
2 Rebounds
1 Block
Ejected for Fighting

However the numbers dont really do it justice. If you watched the game then you know, Orton may not have been able to put on a worse game if he tried to do so intentionally. Part of the problem was his play. He looked a step slow, was lost on the court, committed multiple moving screens and was beaten repeatedly on the defensive end by (of all people) Josh McRoberts.”


Alan Smith at Wildcat Blue Nation Commented

Orton finished 1-8 from the field with three points, the same amount of points he was averaging at UK. I believe Orton has the potential to improve, but I doubt he has much time. He has already blown away his college career, so he must now prove himself worthy of playing. And today just wasn’t a good start to show that to his team. He did mention on his Twitter account that he wanted to come back focused for his next game; now let’s see if that will happen.


Brian Sierra at Magic Basketball On-line Wrote

Let’s start with the information that Magic fans are most curious to hear about… Daniel Orton.  His debut brought both good news and bad news. The good news is that he showed he has the potential to be a real enforcer inside.  The bad news is… well, everything else.  He struggled from the get go with his jump shot and generally looked lost on the offensive side of the ball.  He was called for three early fouls and never seemed to find his rhythm.  He stated after the game that the refs seemed to really take him out of the game.  Were they whistle happy? Yes.  However, I find it hard to believe that had much to do with his disappointing game.  Especially considering he had more turnovers and fouls than he did points and rebounds.  More importantly, he became quite possibly the first guy to ever get thrown out of a summer league game.


Tania Ganguli at the Orlando Sentinel With Some Quotes

“It’s not the best way to end it all,” Orton said. “I didn’t have a great start at all, couldn’t get anything going for myself.”

“He’s got to learn how to play the NBA defense, learn how to help,” said Patrick Ewing, head coach of the Magic’s Summer League team. “I thought a few times he mis-helped. Then on offense he did a pretty good job of stepping in, dunking in. … He’s very coachable. He wants to learn and he wants to work.”

“I didn’t want to tell [Ewing] but my legs are dead I had no explosiveness right now,” Orton said. “I’m not trying to use that as an excuse, it’s the truth.”

“A lot of people say I need time to develop, and I’m not going to lie  about that, I do need time to develop,” Orton said. “But I don’t think it’s going to take as much time as most people think it will. I hope not, to tell you the truth. I put in a lot of hard work and a lot of time. Hopefully I can have a quicker turnaround than most people think.”



I must admit that I’m rooting hard for this young man. I can’t imagine being 19 or 20 years old and playing in the NBA, especially for the type of money they demand. The pressure has to be immense and until you can establish yourself, it’s that much harder. Trying to relax and play your game is difficult at best, especially when you know you have so much to learn. I think Daniel is in a great place. After all, he is on the team with Dwight  ‘Superman’ Howard, and should have time to learn and mature within the Magic’s system. If Daniel makes it or not is completely up to Daniel. I believe he will.


Other Kentucky Headlines


Kentucky Student-Manager Zachary Lipson Inspires Others as a Role Model:

He was born in Nashville on Nov. 24, 1990. He weighed 1 pound, 15 ounces, lighter than eight sticks of butter.

His life is now huge and happy.

In the 19 years between, Lipson has lived with a spinal condition and will never be more than four feet tall. He has suffered through 25 surgeries and relentless teasing, but found support in family, friends and faith.

And now he has a seat that even billionaire fans can’t buy. Lipson will be a student-manager for the Kentucky men’s basketball team this season, sitting on the same bench as Coach John Calipari, getting hours of face time on national television.


Larry Orton, Father of Daniel Orton, is Excited About Daniel’s Future: If you were surprised that Daniel Orton was able to leave after one year to the big guaranteed bucks of the NBA, Larry Orton was not thinking one and done. – Lex18 – Alan Cutler


Kentucky Basketball: Is Kentucky Getting Unfair Treatment?: As a continuation to my earlier post of a similar name, Truzenzuzex of A Sea of Blue weighs in with his thoughts. – A Sea of Blue


Interview With Magic Basketball, ESPN’s TrueHoop Orlando Magic Blog: Eddy Rivera of Magic Basketball, the ESPN TrueHoop Orlando Magic affiliate, interviews Truzenzuzex (Real name Glenn Logan) about Kentucky’s Daniel Orton. – A Sea of Blue

******* With Their New Top 100 From the 2011 Class: 2011 UK commits Gilchrist and Teague ranked 1st and 6th respectively. – Top 100 ListExplanation of Why


VIDEO | Anthony Davis to Visit Kentucky: Anthony Davis will visit Kentucky and Syracuse later this summer before making his college choice. – ZagsBlog


2012 Center Likes Kentucky: When you think of big men in the class of 2012, the names which come to mind are Andre Drummond and DaJuan Coleman. Meet Daniel Ochefu. – Kentucky Sports Radio


Player Profile: Aaron Boyd: Boyd came to UK as a 4* WR from Henry Clay High School in Lexington. His recruitment eventually came down to UK and Oregon. – Aaron’s UK Football Blog


Football Cats not getting any love in early pre-season picks: You would think that after four straight bowl appearances, the Kentucky Wildcat’s football team would be afforded just a little respect headed into the 2010 football season.  Apparently not. – Wildcat Blue Nation


Marquis Teague evaluates potential Kentucky teammates: If Marquis Teague is worried competing for playing time at Kentucky, he’s certainly not showing it. – Walter’s Wildcat World

******* Takes Notice Of Operation Win: As college football season gets closer, the nation is starting to take notice of what’s going on in Lexington. – Nation of Blue


2011 Future Watch – DL: Update on the future of UK’s Defensive Tackle position. – Aaron’s UK Football Blog


William “World Wide” Wesley: The notion that William Wesley is the most powerful man in sports – or even basketball – borders on preposterous Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog


Cats lose Ortmayer, Gain Nord: He is a former UK player, graduate assistant, and coach. He is known as a great position coach and special teams coordinator and is one of the most respected recruiters in the game. – Wildcat Blue Nation


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