It’s reality and we should all get used to it…

Kentucky Basketball is back, and so are the haters. Everyone who doesn’t sport a UK shirt, hoody, golf shirt, flag or any of the other 80.4 million (no idea the true number) Kentucky items sold each year is a hater. They want one thing, to see the Big Blue crumble.

The line is endless and they are all going to take their best shot. I have seen, heard and smelled the line, and it goes all the way around the corner.

Scott Anderson with Nation of Blue provides us with his thoughts on the Calipari/Kentucky situation. Here are a few excerpts from the mind known as Section 137 |

When you have John Calipari as head coach, it just comes with it. He is either leaving for the NBA, or he is doing something that is going to put us on probation. If it isn’t the New York Times, it is TMZ. It won’t be long that Women’s Health will be saying the Kentucky program is doing something dirty.

People are going to try and keep the media on us, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it is other colleges instigating it all. The Cats have had the top recruiting class the last 2 years, while being primed and ready to make it 3 years in a row in 2011.  If they have something on the program, why not name names? Who are the players and what did they do? I can type out a bunch of bs on Duke, send it to the Washington Post, and no one would think one thing about it.

Kentucky is what college basketball is all about, and with Calipari, the Cats have become a recruiting machine. Do you think other universities like this? No. I know some people out there are thinking they will get us sooner or later, and if that is the case, the University has its own self to blame. Calipari doesn’t just have a red flag, he has a giant red light attached to his name. This is what Lee Todd and Mitch Barnhart signed up for. We better get used to it, because this is never going to stop till they find something to put us on the death penalty with.

Now, I have read what all the local media is saying, “Don’t worry about it!” John Clay has been told that UK has not received anything from the NCAA saying any of its players, past or present, are being investigated. Matt Jones has said, “Until a name is attached, or an investigation from a news entity that has done reporting on the underlying issues comes out, then there isn’t a lot here.”

So, lets just sit back, let the media do their thing. In any event, get used to it Big Blue Nation, this is how it is going to be as long as John Calipari is Kentucky’s head coach.

Calipari has been linked to the Camby and Rose case, but the NCAA has never linked him to any case, only the media and the fans place him in the position of a bad guy.

Even Kentucky media complains that he spends too much time talking to Andy Katz of ESPN or other National media outlets, and they have a right to complain. At the same time, an article in the local media or on UKBIGBLUENATION doesn’t help Calipari and Kentucky accomplish it’s objective; Recruit the BEST Players possible and win National Championships. Number 1 accomplished, number 2 is just a matter of time.

Coach Calipari is all about winning and winning his way. He is the Bill Belichick of College Basketball. What goes on with his team is none of our or the media’s business, unless HE decides to make it so…

That chaps some media members and fans hide, but for Calipari, like Belichick, what goes on in the locker room, stays in the locker room. Liggins is the prime example of what Coach Cal stands for with his team. They are a family who is committed to one thing, winning, and winning the old fashion way, by working HARD.

Like him or hate him. Love the fact he wears UK Blue or think he was the biggest hiring mistake ever. Give one bit of credit to Coach Calipari, he creates an  unbelievable excitement, recruits top notch talent, cares tremendously for his team members and at the end of the day, HE WINS.

In the end, UK could pay dearly if the allocations are true, but until then, as for the haters, TAKE A NUMBER!!!

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!


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