Gary Parrish of CBS Sports Says Three Wildcats Will Be In The Top 15 Of The 2011 NBA Draft

And With The First Pick of the 2011 NBA Draft...

Gary Parrish of has ranked his top 30 draft picks for the 2011 NBA Draft. The title of his post is “Top 30 prospects: Excited about 2011 NBA Draft? You shouldn’t be”.  Here is the first three paragraphs of the article and his top 15 Lottery picks, which by the way include three of our beloved Kentucky Wildcats…

Trust me, I’ve spent the past few days looking at it. It’s about as promising as Italy’s World Cup hopes, which can be attributed to the fact (or at least the theory) that the high school prospects who entered college last year are better than the high school prospects entering college this year, and because the players who returned to college last year are better than the players who returned to college this year. Last year we had Evan Turner, Greg Monroe, Ed Davis, Al-Farouq Aminu and Cole Aldrich return to school. This year there’s … John Henson and Trey Thompkins?

You excited yet?

The only hope is that some college veterans emerge like Ekpe Udoh emerged this past season, or that some of the incoming freshmen are way better than expected. Short of that, remember where you heard it first: The 2011 NBA Draft will mostly be uninspiring.

Here is Gary’s Top 15 Picks with his insights on the players we really care about, Kentucky’s…

  1. Harrison Barnes – Freshman (North Carolina)
  2. Brandon Knight – Freshman (Kentucky) | John Calipari was pretty much assured of having a point guard selected in the top five for the fourth consecutive year when Knight committed to Kentucky. The 6-3 Florida native is a strong and athletic playmaker who will flourish in the dribble-drive offense (when the Wildcats actually run the dribble-drive offense). So if you’re tired of seeing Calipari in the green room at The Theater, I apologize, because that’s not changing anytime soon.
  3. Perry Jones – Freshman (Baylor)
  4. Enes Kanter – Freshman (Kentucky) | Kanter should tear through the SEC with a physical approach unmatched. He got 34 points and 13 rebounds in the Nike Hoop Summit, and he might have some games like that in college, too. Is Kanter a typical NBA athlete? No. But if production matters, he’s a top five pick.
  5. Josh Selby – Freshman (Kansas)
  6. Cory Joseph – Freshman (Texas)
  7. Josh Henson – Sophomore (North Carolina)
  8. Will Barton – Freshman (Memphis)
  9. Kyrie Irving – Freshman (Duke)
  10. Renardo Sydney – Sophomore(Mississippi State)
  11. Jared Sullinger – Freshman (Ohio State)
  12. Trey Thompkins – Junior (Georgie)
  13. Kyle Singler – Senior (Duke)
  14. Terrence Jones – Freshman (Kentucky)
  15. Jordan Hamilton – Sophomore (Texas)

According to Gary, the Top 15 will consist of One Senior, One Junior, Three Sophomore’s and Ten Freshman with the one and only Senior not being drafted until Number 14 and the Top Five selections consisting of all Freshmen.

UKBBN Point of View | I agree with Gary that all three of the Kentucky Freshman listed above will be top 15 draft choices. I believe Enes Kanter could easily go ahead of Brandon Knight and that Terrence Jones will be higher in the selection. One point of interest is that Gary has the Number 1 overall Player of the 2010 Class (according to Josh Selby, going in the fifth position, below Knight. If you recall, for the majority of 2009/2010, Brandon Knight was the Number One ranked Player in the Nation, according to Rivals. The big question is will there be a mass Exodus to the NBA for underclassmen, if the Association cannot come to an agreement on the bargaining table. I can’t imagine that any underclassman will bolt with no promise of a 2011-2012 Season.

Gary Parrish at…

Hat tip to John Clay at John Clay Sidelines…


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