Kentucky’s Mr Everything

Mr Everything

You know him as Randall Cobb. SEC and non-conference opponents know him as a pain in the tail… Randall Cobb is Mr Everything. The ultimate offensive weapon. He is a running back, a quarterback, a special teams guru, a wide receiver and most importantly, a team Leader. A slot he quickly filled in his Sophomore year and one he will be expected to fill in his upcoming junior season.

“Put in Cobb”, was probably one of the most yelled statements at Kentucky football games last year, especially in crunch situations.

November 28th, 2009. Commonwealth Stadium. Kentucky, once again, has a chance to break the losing streak to Tennessee. It’s 3rd and 5 at the Tennessee 6 with under 1:00 remaining in the fourth quarter. A touchdown wins the game and ultimately would end the domination of Rocky Top.

The name called for by the crowd wasn’t Morgan Newton… It was Randall Cobb. And why not, Cobb had orchestrated a beautiful drive, rushing the ball four times for 27 yards. But on 3rd and 5, the name and play called wasn’t Cobb, instead, it was Freshmen Morgan Newton’s. We all know the end result. On 4th and 3  Lones Seiber kicks the game tying field goal.

Final score in OT, Tennessee 30, Kentucky 24.

A converted QB, he’s done it all in his first two seasons in Lexington, rushing for 889 yards and a whopping 17 TD’s while grabbing 60 balls for 644 yards and 6 TD’s- he also returns punts and holds for kicks.  Cobb helped lead the Wildcats to their best rushing marks in 14 years last season and a fourth-straight bowl game.  He was named 1st Team All-SEC.

So who is Randall Cobb? Ned Colegrove of tried to find out in his recent interview with Kentucky’s Mr Everything. Here are a few excerpts |

Q.  You’ve done a little bit of everything in your career so far.  Are you pretty happy with where you’ve settled in to this team as far as your role- the ratio of direct snaps and running plays versus lining up outside and going downfield in the passing game?

A.  Yeah, I love it.  Everything about Lexington and UK football.  As much as a pounding as I’ve taken, I really have understood why you have to have more than one guy on the team.  Coming in this year with Derrick Locke (Sr., #20) and Donald Russell (So., #23) at RB and our threats at receiver, too- once we put all of it together, I think we’re going to be really good.

Q. That game on the end of the schedule every year must mean a lot to you being from Tennessee (Alcoa HS).  Right now you guys are 0-2 against the Vols so far in your career.  What is that game like playing against them for you and what do you hope to show them this season in Knoxville?

A.  I was waiting on that question!  The last two years, we had our chances but we just didn’t get the job done and finish like we needed to.  It’s rough on me because I have to go home and listen to all the UT fans and my friends messing with me, so it’s a very important game to me.  But I want to take it a game at a time and focus on Louisville and get ready for the season.

Going into the 2010 season, expectations from and for Randall are obviously at an all time high, expect him to once again prove that he is up to the task…


Hat tip to Aaron’s UK Football Blog


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