Kanter – Already A Hit On Campus At Kentucky

Two Future Teammates, Terrence Jones - Enes Kanter

Despite the fact that he’s from Turkey and that he’s barely 18, super shy and still growing, Enes Kanter is apparently a huge hit with the Kentucky fan base on the campus of the University of Kentucky.

It also appears he has his priorities in line.

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Though it has been two weeks since enrolling for his Summer Classes at the University of Kentucky, Kanter already feels the love. “I already have over 1,000 friends and have received over 2,000 birthday wishes. It did not take me too long to feel at home here.”

He is also very intelligent and knows that education is an important element of his life.

“I love basketball very much but I also know there is a life after basketball,” Kanter said. “I will be 35 years old someday and will enter a second part of my life. I need to take steps to prepare for that life and only a good education can help me to get there. I am so happy to be enrolled at the University of Kentucky. Not only are the people kind and warm, but the education is excellent and I know this is going to help me to be successful in life.”

In the United States, not only are the Turks excited, but so are the students at the University of Kentucky. He just enrolled at the University and is taking summer classes. Though he is a shy person, the students and Professors at Kentucky already love him. Seeing how popular Kanter is remarkable.

As for next year, “Go Enes and Go to University of Kentucky Wildcats!” The team that so many Turkish eyes will be on from this point forward.


Hat tip to Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog

One Response to “Kanter – Already A Hit On Campus At Kentucky”
  1. mvp_love says:

    Kanter you were really wanted here! Not only for your basketball skills but for your character. We seek good young men who can play team basketball. If we play as a team then all the players are stars! I went to school at a different school in central Kentucky. I had many lovely friends from Turkey. Welcome to Kentucky…a fan!

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