Terrence Jones May Not Have To Make a Decision By May 19

What if Terrence Jones made the decision he didn’t want to commit to a school on May 19th? What if, instead, he committed to multiple schools and would still be eligible to play NCAA Basketball for the entire 2010-11 season?

According to Nick Daschel, that’s an option for Terrence…

Jones doesn’t have to sign by May 19 to play college basketball next season.

If you think Jones’ recruiting story is bizarre now, there are a few possibilities on the horizon that could add stranger chapters to this tale.

Once May 19 passes, Jones can no longer sign a letter of intent. But he can sign a financial aid agreement with a school, which can include a basketball scholarship. A financial aid agreement binds the school to the player, but the player is not obligated to the school.

In fact, a player in Jones’ situation could accept a financial aid agreement and still get recruited by other schools. It’s even possible, a media relations director at a Division I college confirmed, for a recruit to sign a financial aid agreement with multiple colleges and wait until school starts to pick one.

If the ruling is accurate, I cannot imagine the NCAA allowing this to be an option for much longer. Players could wait until the last second to decide where to play. Universities may intentionally not fill their scholarships just to ensure they have a slot available for a late signing high-profile name.

I’m not saying the option is bad for the students, I just can’t imagine that the NCAA would allow it to continue to for student athletes. Recruiting could become insane with nobody committing to anybody until the last second. Teams coming together at the 11th hour with no idea of who will be playing where…

It would make for great media, but that’s about all.

Brandon Knight’s decision, or should we say his parents decision, could have major implications on NCAA athletics. The possible wave started with the signing of a financial aid agreement, could change the face of college athletics. Kudos to Brandon’s parents for doing their homework.

In the mean time, the wait for Terrence Jones may not come to an end on May 19th… In fact it may not come to an end until Summer is over. Until that day, we all sit patiently and wait…



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