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When Eric Bledsoe came to Kentucky, no one thought he would follow John Wall into the 2010 NBA Draft becoming a one and done. But after his freshman year, Eric started gaining interest from the NBA scouts. Enough to rank him currently at the as the #16 projected selection by ESPN and #24 by DraftExpress. “I thought Eric Bledsoe would stay,” Calipari said.

Whether he should stay or go has been a discussion that will only be proven after year one or possibly year two of his NBA Career. Ride the pine with little minutes, and he should have stayed. Become a part of the daily plan, and he probably made the correct decision.

Eric could come back to Kentucky and be a star, but would he necessarily enhance his current draft slot? With the signing of Knight, it’s even questionable if he would be the top Player in the Guard position. Gary Parrish of says the following about Bledsoe’s decision |

Eric Bledsoe’s decision to remain in the draft and leave Kentucky after one season, and those questioning it aren’t properly grasping the situation, specifically that Bledsoe wasn’t a big fan of well, college. Beyond that, he’ll almost certainly go in the first round, this despite being a 6-1 guard who wasnt a McDonald’s All-American. So its right to strike while the striking is good – especially when you consider that A) John Calipari’s future at UK remains uncertain, B) Bledsoe will probably never be the most talented guard on any UK team Calipari coaches (next year that would be Brandon Knight, in 2011-12 it would be Marquis Teague), and C) this is a relatively weak draft for point guards. Bottom line, I like Bledsoe’s decision. This is the safest play he could make.

Whether we agree or disagree with Eric’s decision and Gary’s comments, turning down the contracts that come with a first round pick, would be a difficult choice. Many have done it, but becoming financially secure in a matter of minutes, is something that may only come along once in a lifetime.



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