Calipari Looking At A Four Guard Line Up For 2010-11

AP/Mark Humphrey

With the departure of five underclassman, Calipari is looking at a different offensive set for the 2010-11 year.

ESPN’s Andy Katz provides some quotes and insights from Coach Calipari |

Calipari said he will be studying how the New York Knicks play and is considering going with four guards and one forward or at times having five players out to use more of his dribble-drive-motion offense.

“We have enough good players,” Calipari said. “I’ll spend the next few months trying to figure it out. I’d like to have four perimeter guys who are 6-3 or taller and one big guy defensively, who can set ball-screens, trail and run to the post and elbow and play.

The current roster allows multiple line ups and with the talent and length of the team, could see team members playing multiple roles. At 6-7, Miller and Dodson (if he returns) are both big enough to play both a shooting guard or the small forward position. Their length, ball handling skills and inside/outside game, makes them a perfect candidate for this type of offense. Miller and Dodson, in a small forward role, could create major match up problems for bigger, less athletic teams.

What a four guard set does, is make Kentucky incredibly fast and should allow good inside/outside play on the offensive end. Unless Calipari signs some more size, it could create some defensive problems, if the Cats run into a true big front line, but the talent of the team will allow some compensation for being undersized.

No matter the line up, Kentucky will be in the running, and probably the favorite, to win the SEC for the second year in a row. Sign a solid forward, and the team could accomplish what the 09-10 Cats were unable too, get to a Final Four.

Full story via ESPN.


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