RIVALS – TODAYS QUESTION | Will Calipari Leave For The Bulls?


Calipari to the NBA has been one of the multiple Kentucky Rumors during this entertaining off-season. I don’t believe, for one second, that he’s NBA bound, this year. He has unfinished business in the college ranks and the position he’s in, right now, gives him the best opportunity to cut down the nets and hang a banner.

Rivals.com attacks the rumor head on with their “Today’s Question”.


TODAY’S QUESTION: Can you see Kentucky coach John Calipari leaving to coach the NBA’s Chicago Bulls?

DAVID FOX – College Basketball Staff Writer |

Of all the coaches in college basketball, Calipari seems the most likely to head to the NBA. But would he do it after one season? I don’t buy it. Someone doesn’t take a top-five job in college basketball – a job that may turn him into a legend – only to abandon it a year or two later. I could see him leaving for the NBA, but he has work to finish at Kentucky, and he knows it.

MIKE HUGUENIN – College Sports Editor |

I think Calipari knows he’s at a great place, but I also have to think Calipari – because of his connection to William “World Wide Wes” Wesley and Wesley’s connections to LeBron James – has to dream just a bit about coaching a Bulls team with James, who is a free agent, and Derrick Rose. Still, I think Calipari will be in Lexington next season, coaching a UK team that once again is favored to win the SEC.

STEVE MEGARGEE – College Basketball Staff Writer |

Why not? Calipari has moved around a bit over the course of his career, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he makes one more move. While it wouldn’t shock me to see Calipari on the Bulls’ bench next season, it still seems like little more than a remote possibility. I believe Calipari wants the national title that’s eluded him thus far in his career, and he knows he will always have a realistic shot at that prize as long as he remains at Kentucky. Calipari’s a much more proven commodity in college than in the NBA. Kentucky seems like the perfect fit for Calipari.

Full story on Rivals.com


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