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Terrence Jones

May 5, 2008! Terrence Jones probably had no thought that his recruiting process would become the burden it appears to be. At his age, it’s seem the process of choosing a school could easily be overwhelming. Being responsible enough to get out of bed and get to High School, on time and on your own, is a challenge for many students his age, much less trying to make yourself and a million fans and Coach’s happy.

It’s easy to forget that he’s still a young man with a lot to learn and a lot to experience in his life. Unlike some athletes, Terrence seems to be one who is worried more about pleasing those around him then his own personal needs. Which, by the way, is a wonderful character. A young man who doesn’t seem to want to let anyone around him down. A young man, who is exactly that, a young man trying to find his way in what can be a very confusing world.

John Cazano, Oregonian Sports Columnists, gives us his insights to the person we all know as Terrence Jones.

Here are some excerpts |

He has a big physics final exam coming, so Terrence Jones figures he’ll study this weekend. There’s a senior project to prepare for as well. And he’ll probably call his sister, away at college, because it’s what he’s always done.

More importantly, what’s it gonna be kid?


That’s become the big question to ask the Jefferson High basketball star this week. It won’t go away. Jones picked Washington, but didn’t sign a letter of intent. “I’m still committed to Washington,” Jones said on Wednesday, “but I’m not willing to sign anything at this point.”

His word, but not his signature.

When Jones was a little boy, he followed his sister Ashley everywhere. She’s four years older, and would have her girlfriends over, playing with dolls, and they’d be running around, and here came Terrence, wanting to join in.

“He always, always, always followed us,” Ashley said.

So who does Jones follow now? Where does he go to play college basketball? And does this mean the University of Oregon has a chance?

Jones has until the signing period ends May 19 to decide.Fans at Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, Oregon and Oklahoma, miffed that the 6-foot-9 Jones didn’t choose their programs on Friday, blasted Jones’ social networking sites with insults and slurs that were so offensive his sister instructed him not to read them and went in herself and deleted it all.

“I saw some of it,” Jones said. “Really hurtful stuff.”

Jones hasn’t changed his mind from Friday. He’s still committed to Washington, but he’s also acknowledging publicly that this process stinks, and that he’s reserving the right to dump the whole thing on its head if he so chooses.

Jones won’t make his choice official until he feels certain about it.

Ashley, the sister, away at Howard University where she studies marketing, has been watching the last few days unfold from across the country. It’s killing her because, “I’m way over here, and I feel helpless as his older sister. I knew when he walked in Friday that he still wasn’t sure.”

Her brother wasn’t trying to play games, or increase the drama, or even milk the moment on Friday. He was simply seeking relief from an absurd process that few of us can relate with. Instead, he’s found himself squeezed even tighter.

The Jones family has become leery of outsiders, who are angling with their own agendas. Former Jones coaches, parents, strangers, and media are all greeted this week with, “Can I call you back in five minutes?” while the family huddles and tries to figure out who can be trusted, and who cannot. Because fans, coaches, friends — everyone, it seems — wants something from Jones.

I want something from Jones, too.

I want the kid to take his time and be sure.

What do The Nation want for Terrence Jones? Simple, for him to have an inner peace with his decision. No matter where he goes, Washington, Kentucky, Oregon or Bugtussle U,  I wish for his decision to be exactly that, his decision.

YES!!! I DO want Terrence as a Wildcat, but as the Stones once said, “You can’t always get what you want“…

Full story at Oregon Live.com


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