Rumor: Knight Didn’t Sign an LOI Because Calipari Is Leaving UK To Coach LeBron…

LeBron Wishing He Had Played at Kentucky

Every night, faithfully, my wife watches the daytime soap “Days of Our Lives” and, every now and then I lay in bed and watch with her…

In Days of Our Lives, you have a list of main characters like Bo Brady, Stefano DiMera, EJ DiMera and Sami Brady just to name a few. In the world of College Basketball you have a list of characters also, but this year the main character list seems to be a rather short one | John Calipari.

The rumors are almost endless. Maybe it’s because he Coach’s the team I follow, but I must admit, since walking on the campus at Kentucky it seems to be one rumor after another about Coach C or a recruit or a current player or something at Memphis or UMASS.

The life of John Calipari, or at least the rumored life of John Calipari, would make a super soap and would top the daily charts as the show most likely to be recorded.

The latest episode, #246, swirls around UK 2010 commit Brandon Knight and why Brandon didn’t sign a Letter of Intent to play at the University of Kentucky.

Let’s not take into account that Brandon comes from, what appears to be, a very bright family and that he is obviously a very smart young man, one who made tremendous grades from Kindergarten all the way through High School. If I recall correctly, I believe he’s a straight A student. (How John Calipari helped ensure he was a straight A student rumor is still to come).

Let’s not give any credit to his parents for doing their homework and knowing what’s available for their son and what the best piece of paper is to sign.

Instead, lets just say that he didn’t sign the LOI because Cal is apparently going to Coach somewhere else, one that doesn’t involve Brandon.

If Cal was going to the NBA, would he recruit his ever-living tail off the way he is, even still now? Do we really believe that LeBron James would force the hiring of Coach Calipari if a team wanted him to sign? Okay, well maybe he would and maybe there’s a team crazy enough to allow one Player to run their entire franchise.. Besides, wouldn’t the franchise just hire Cal, lock in the five-year deal with LeBron, and then at the first opportunity bring in their own Coach?

LeBron may sell tickets and jerseys and hats and no telling what else, have two MVP Awards and be arguably, the best Player in the NBA, but even the Cleveland Cavs, the team with the best record, is projected to lose between 15 – 20 million this year.

I must admit, rumors can be fun, but personally, I prefer not to be the busy body spreading gossip here there and everywhere… But for today, we will throw out the latest rumor and just sit back and laugh…

Full article and link |

If you were wondering why Kentucky recruit Brandon Knight hasn’t signed a letter of intent here goes the rumor that’s being whispered about…Calipari could be on his way out as coach. But he’s not being forced out, the rumor is that if LeBron leaves Cleveland and goes to play for another then Calipari will leave Kentucky for the NBA to coach LeBron.

Now this is just a rumor and a far fetched one, but LeBron is King and a team will give whatever he wants to get him to come to their team so we have to report it. Anyways there’s no other reason out there to explain why Knight wouldn’t just sign to Wildcats.

Article via FratHouseSports.


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