Terrence Jones Athletic Director Believes He Is Going to Washington

Terrence Jones Will Attend....

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Percy Allen, Staff Reporter for The Seattle Times, with the latest update on the story of Terrence Jones Question, “WHERE?”

As far as Mitch Whitehurst is concerned, Terrence Jones is going to Washington in the fall.

“Terrence is going to the University of Washington because that’s what I heard him verbally say,” Whitehurst said. “He said he wanted to go with his boy Terrence Ross and Terrence Ross is at Washington so I’m assuming that he’s going to do exactly what he said. Follow his boy and follow his decision.”

Whitehurst learned Friday evening Jones never signed a binding national letter of intent with UW and discovered through reports the two-time Oregon 5A Player of the Year is possibly having second thoughts.

Whitehurst, who has known Jones for several years, said he’s surprised, but not shocked the Jefferson star may be wavering.

He’s a young kid and kids make decisions that sometimes you wouldn’t believe,” Whitehurst said. “This is a major decision that an adult would sometimes be wavering on. This is like a career choice. So when adults make career choices, sometimes they second guess themselves.

This is his first major decision in his life so I definitely can understand why he might be wavering when an adult might say you disappointed me. I can understand him wavering, but I still see him going to Washington.”

“We’re just going to keep it the way it is,” Whitehurst said. “He’s going to Washington. We’re not going to redo this.”

UKBBN Point of View | As interesting as this story is, it could end in a manner that makes watching paint dry seem exciting. If Terrence Jones quietly signs a Letter of Intent to play basketball at the University of Washington, this story ends a lot quicker then it began. In the end, it seems Jones most likely will keep his original commitment, joining his friend Terrence Ross, at the University of Washington. Rumors fly, media writes and speculates, Terrence Jones makes the final decision.

Full story via Seattle Times Newspaper.


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