Terrence Jones Commits to Washington, or Did He?

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Just when we thought the Terrence Jones recruiting process was over, it appears it may have just begun. The Seattle Times is reporting Jones may be having second thoughts… Terrence apparently made his decision at the time of his press conference. Percy Allen reported:

Almost everyone has left the Jefferson High gymnasium, however, Terrence Jones is huddled with his parents in the corner of the gymnasium and folks are keeping their distance. Seems like a major pow-wow.

I spoke to Jones and I can tell this recruiting stuff hasn’t been fun for him. On what is supposed to be a joyous occasion, he sighed heavily and said he was happy that it was over.

Unlike Terrence Ross (above, left), who was decked out in Husky purple and said he made his choice a month ago, Jones didn’t know where he was going until the moment he picked the UW hat.

I believe that.

It also looks as if he needs a little more time to make sure he made the right decision.

Nearly an hour after making his choice, Jones still hasn’t signed his letter of intent to Washington.

And there’s more.

Kentucky coach John Calipari called Jones after his announcement and Jones was on the phone for a very long time. About 15 minutes. Reading body language, Jones seemed pained.

He told me, “You hurt thousands of people just as much as you make people happy.”

Jones’ mother said if he hadn’t chosen Washington, he was going to pick Kentucky.

This much is certain, Washington added Terrence Ross today and we’ll have to wait and see if Jones will join him next season.

Stay tuned. A strange recruiting season may get even more bizarre if UW loses Jones to Kentucky.

Full story via Seattle Times Newspaper.

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