EXPANSION? We Don’t Need No Stinking Expansion…

By now you’ve probably read the articles and heard the stories about the possible expansion of some conferences and the dismantling of others. Right now, the big boys are the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, ACC and the Big East. Then you have conferences like the WAC and Conference USA, to name just a couple.

So what happens if the majors decide to merge? Talk is that The Big 10 is looking to possibly expand to 16 teams total, six more than its current name implies. Reality is, they only need five teams to expand to 16 as the Big 10 is currently made up of 11 teams. Go figure…

In response to the Big 10 expansion discussion, there’s been an air wave full of possible SEC expansion, going from the current roster of 12 to 14 or even possibly 16 schools. The scenarios for both conferences are almost endless, including grabbing teams from the Big 12, the ACC, the Big East and numerous other possibilities.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Katie Martin discusses some of the possible scenarios and what conferences may look like if the mad dash actually occurs. Here are some excerpts:

I understand the need for conferences to keep up with one another (namely the Big 10 needing to close the football gap with the SEC) and the possible monetary implications of increasing membership of certain conferences and “poaching” schools for their market share. But it does make me a little sad at the thought of conferences mixing things up or going away all together-especially when it comes to the SEC.

If you held a gun to my head and forced me to predict what a 16-team SEC, based on everything I’ve read, would look like here’s my take:

Div. A: LSU, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St.
Div. B: Miss St., Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama
Div. C: Florida, Miami, Georgia, S. Carolina
Div. D: Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Vandy

UKBBN Point of View | I would HATE expansion of any conference, now or even in the forseeable future. The thought of the Big 12 disappearing or the remnants of the Big East merging with other conferences including the possibility of the ACC and Big East coming together, makes my stomach turn.

I was around when the old SWC decided to go debunk and teams started scrambling for position within other conferences, including the SEC. Truthfully, I hated that move and I can’t imagine I will enjoy or approve of any future consolidation.

Imagine an SEC with Texas and Oklahoma or Florida State and Miami. What about Louisville or Memphis in the SEC? Or maybe even worse, Texas or Oklahoma in the Big 10? The possibilities are limitless and every scenario makes me quiver.

No matter the outcome, the end result is the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer. We all know that “Cash is King” and in this instance, I can’t see any other reason to merge except to create more revenue for the Big Boys.

Full article at Kentucky Sports Radio


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