Calipari vs Pitino – An Old Fashion Feud…

Marquis Teague at 6 ft 2 in tall:

Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal with his thoughts on the Calipari – Pitino battle for #2 recruit Marquis Teague of Indy.

First, Teague, who is merely a junior, must pick a college. That announcement, which already has been delayed at least twice, is currently scheduled for Thursday.

Louisville or Kentucky? Kentucky or Louisville? Other schools are sometimes mentioned. Don’t be deceived. They are pretenders. Teague is the latest, greatest reason for another memorable Rick Pitino-John Calipari tug-of-war. As much as this is about winning, it’s more about the coach you’re trying to beat.

This relationship has gotten so edgy that now that Pitino has booked a game in Hinkle, I expect UK coach Calipari to announce the Wildcats have agreed to play Butler, IUPUI, Marian College, the University of Indianapolis and the Pacers.

Details. Pitino wants him. So does Calipari. Pitino needs him. So does Calipari. But Pitino needs him more — to show Calipari he’s not ready to disappear.

This chase has shifted more times than Pitino changes ties. First Louisville was an absolute lock, the cinch legacy pick for a kid whose father, Shawn, played for Pitino at Boston University.

Except the longer Teague delayed his decision, the more the advantage seemed to shift to Kentucky.

Calipari is a master at NBA guards.The word at the Final Four in Indianapolis was Calipari was lining up his best class ever, one that featured top recruits Michael Gilchrist, Teague and Quincy Miller.Now it’s Teague’s turn, and U of L and UK fans are in a prolonged inhale. Point guard Brandon Knight committed to Kentucky last week, and there is speculation he could be a two-year college guy. Advantage back to Louisville?Pitino is taking his 2011 U of L team 10 miles from Marquis Teague’s high school, just in case.

I have yet to see Calipari lose one to Rick since coming to Kentucky. I don’t see him losing this one. The only negative could be the Brandon Knight for two years scenario. Lamb is a positive. If he thinks Leslie and Jones would come, it only enhances his reasons for coming to Kentucky. Imagine the 2011 line up. Teague, Lamb, Miller, Leslie, Jones, Gilchrist, Liggins, Poole, Hood and yes, Jon Hood will be a factor at some point at Kentucky.

Full story via The Indianapolis Star.

Hat tip to Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog…


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