Time for Calipari to Speak Out?

Larry Vaught of VaughtsViews.com provides his thoughts on Kentucky’s Assistant Coach Rod Strickland’s DUI charge and the lack of communication from Coach Calipari.

Larry has some super points including two quotes from parents of Kentucky recruits…

Here are a few excerpts from Larry’s post:

Probably it’s no surprise that Strickland has not made a statement about what happened after being released from jail after posting bond.

However, it’s a bit perplexing that Kentucky coach John Calipari has not issued any kind of statement about Strickland. The only response from UK has been this: “This is a legal matter and we are still gathering information about the alleged incident. We take such allegations seriously and will handle appropriately once the facts are known.”

The timing could not have been worse for Calipari since a national signing period begins Wednesday and the Cats need to reload a roster left empty by defections to the NBA. Imagine how much fun it must be explaining to recruits’ parents what happened with one of the assistant coaches.

Here is how two parents of recruits, who asked not to be identified, responded in e-mails when they first heard the news:

“What’s up with coach Strickland getting arrested for DUI? That’s not a good thing at all,” one parent said.

“Hopefully he will get some help. Sounds like it wasn’t the first time, so he might have a problem. He needs some help. The sad thing is you are a role model for these young college kids,” the second parent said.

Considering the wild allegations that circulation about former UK coach Billy Gillispie during his two years at UK — and remember he was arrested for DUI in Anderson County after he lost h is job — the last thing the Cats need is something for rival recruiters to use against them.

Maybe Calipari and the UK administration know more about this situation than what was included in the police report. Maybe Calipari and UK have already taken action.

UKBBN Point of View | It was reported, in an earlier post on UKBBN, that the Cats are expected to keep assistant coach Rod Strickland. UK did provide a release basically stating that this was a legal issue and they were gathering information. Some form of action needs to be taken sooner than later. Or at least some statement from the man in charge. But Coach Calipari has said the entire season that he will not talk to the public about disciplinary actions taken within his basketball team. I respect that and the family type atmosphere that it creates for the team and each team member. Many times statements made damage the team more than it helps relationships with the media and the public.  I’m sure we will get our statement soon enough. Meanwhile, our prayers go out to Coach Strickland and his family at this time.

Read the entire story at VaughtsViews.com


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