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For John Wall, the last twelve months of his life has  been an absolute bank of flashbulbs…

Now, the biggest star in the NBA wants Wall on his team. Nope, not the Cavaliers, LeBron James is reportedly close to signing an endorsement deal between Wall and LeBron’s fledgling marketing company, LRMR.

Adrian Wojnarowski provides the following Excerpts from his article:

Multiple NBA, agent and sneaker industry sources say Wall is close to partnering with the firm. As the projected No. 1 pick in the 2010 NBA draft, perhaps the most-hyped pro prospect since James himself, Wall will have his marketing and endorsements guided with the perks of a partnership with the globe’s biggest basketball star.

ames’ childhood friend, Maverick Carter, is the CEO of LRMR and responsible for running his management company. Carter’s had a consistent presence with Wall’s AAU coach and surrogate, Brian Clifton, for months, and Clifton offered nothing to dispute the word of sources who say James and Wall are going into business together.

Clifton insisted there’s nothing “formal in place” with LRMR, and an announcement wouldn’t happen until Wall completes paperwork to enter the draft. Still, Clifton told Yahoo! Sports, “Maverick is a really good friend and does a tremendous job. It would be smart on anybody’s part to work with him. He’s done some very innovative things. He has an innovative way of thinking.

In the short-term, they’ll be negotiating a sneaker deal that promises to invigorate a stagnant market for young players. Reebok is banking that Wall can be its product’s face with the demise of Allen Iverson, and multiple sources say the company’s prepared an offer that could be worth $3 million-$4 million annually.

“Wall isn’t going to be LeBron, but he’s the most-hyped player to come since him,” a rival sneaker industry official said. “And, sometimes, hype is just as important as talent.”

James will go back again and again for Kentucky’s stars. Rival agents gasped when close associate, William Wesley, walked into a Wildcat game with rapper Drake. As one said, “How the hell can I compete with that?” James has made himself part of the Kentucky program. Kentucky coach John Calipari has deftly positioned himself as a favorite of James, hiring one of his high school teammates, Brandon Weems, in his basketball operations, and treating James like an honorary alumnus. It’s good for Calipari’s and James’ recruiting

“People have made more of that relationship than those two have,” Clifton said. “John’s been at school. He isn’t a professional. But to have a chance to rub elbows with someone of LeBron’s stature is something any kid in the sport would love. John has tremendous respect for LeBron and his accomplishments, and obviously there’s going to be a ‘cool’ factor…

UKBBN Point of View | Biggest question here is “Who didn’t see this coming?” Either a deal with LeBron’s company or one of LeBron’s sponsors, benefiting LeBron. As long as everything stays on the up and up, the James/Calipari relationship could do nothing but enhance recruiting. What young man, superstar basketball player, doesn’t want to meet James, see him in the stands watching them or know that they could possibly be a part of his marketing company, a company that if managed correctly, should do nothing but explode. Bring it on LeBron, we will take all the help we can get…

Complete Story at Yahoo Sports…


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