UK Assistant Strickland Arrested on DUI Charges

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Kentucky Sports Radio with an update and their take on the Strickland saga. Matt Jones writes:

The question now of course is what will UK do. As you have no doubt read today, this is Strickland’s 4th DUI charge of his life, and his potential third conviction. The rest were during his NBA days and he had gotten a pass on a lot of that thanks to his clean record since exiting the league. Now that pass is gone. My personal hope is that Calipari allows him to stay under a “no tolerance” policy. But it may be the case that he was already on such a policy and this broke it. Calipari said the day he was hired that he would give people second chances, but depending on how you see Strickland’s NBA problems, this may have been that second chance.

Whatever Calipari does I will support. He knows Strickland and his personal life much more than I do, and his judgment will be more informed than mine, or anyone who comments on this blog. But either way, I cant help but be disappointed, as UK basketball and Rod Strickland personally, didn’t need this kind of situation at this point.

No matter the decision of Coach Calipari and the University, this is a sad situation for Coach Strickland. Another scenario that will obviously haunt him for the remainder of his professional career.

In the short, this could impact recruiting, although I don’t believe it will this late in the game. But here is what Doron Lamb said about Coach Strickland:

Lamb talked to about UK assistant coach and former NBA star Rod Strickland: “Rod Strickland is a famous alumni from Oak Hill. He’s going to be coming out to the school looking to recruit and have fun. He’s from New York, so we have a lot in common.”

See the full story at Kentucky Sports Radio


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