The Man With the Midas Touch


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“Great teams don’t rebuild, they just reload.” The world known as Kentucky all sighed, some cried, but all thought the same thing when we first heard what we all already knew, five of our Cats were headed to the NBA.

April 12, at Calipari’s disposal, six prime slots on a bench that just hosted Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe and Patterson and a back up named Orton. Who better to fill those slots then Cal himself. Is there anyone else you want as the Coach right now?

Gregg Doyle of writes:

Look what he did last year at Kentucky, when he surveyed the scorched earth left behind by Billy Gillispie and immediately planted tress named DeMarcus Cousins and Wall, then landscaped with Daniel Orton and Bledsoe. Those are the four freshmen who came to Kentucky, joined Junior Patrick Patterson and led the Wildcats to the No 1 ranking and a No 1 seed.

Kentucky had virtually nothing, then it had everything, and now it has virtually nothing again. Bu Calipari will bring it back, and he’ll bring it back quicker than any Coach at any school could do.

One and Done’s are a blessing and not a reason to push the panic button. It only heightens the Cats ability to recruit on-going top of the line High School talent. Who doesn’t want to play for a Coach that can take four Players from High School and potentially see all four picked not only in the first round, but in the top 15-20 of the first round.

Cal is just like Mrs K, part owner of the company that currently employs my services. The majority owner once told me that everything Mrs K touched turns to Gold. It appears that everything Coach Cal touches, does the exact same thing.

So grab the remote, the Juju Beans and enjoy what will turn out to be one incredible ride over the next four weeks…

Full story from Gregg Doyle over at…


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