Selby | Knight | Cousins | Update

Brandon Knight

The Bleacher Reports Kevin Berger with updates on Kentucky Recruits Brandon Knight and Josh Selby and some thoughts on DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins.

Kevin writes of Selby and Knight:

Josh Selby

Sherron Collins’ draft stock has been slipping and Selby was recently asked why would he want to play at Kansas. Selby’s response was simple: “I am not Sherron Collins.” If I were a Jayhawk, how would I take that comment? One one hand, you have to like his confidence. On the other hand, did he just dis the Jayhawks’ highly respected lead man that guided his team to a #1 seed? Selby and Knight are both preparing for the Jordan game in New York on April 17.

Brandon Knight

Knight is walking on cloud nine after hearing that five Kentucky players are entering their names into the NBA draft. Calipari has four point guards going pro in three years. Guess what they are whispering into Knight’s ear? I’d do anything to be the team manager on that Kentucky team. Dude also probably makes $100K a year.

Then Kevin weighs in with his opinion on DeMarcus Cousins choice for his Agent. Boogie chose John Greig from Washington, but Kevin believes we will see Cousins with Bilal Batley on Draft day. Full comment from Berger:

DeMarcus Cousins signs with John Greig to represent him in the NBA. Greig is similar to your cousin Whimple. You don’t have a cousin named Whimple? Exactly! Who the hell is John Grieg? Looks like someone was working the magic for Cousins like he does in the low post. Where the hell is Bilal Batley? Expect Batley to be sitting in the Green room on draft night with Cousins.

Full Story at The Bleacher Report…

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