“Boogie” Hires an Agent and Crawls on the Floor…

So four are officially gone and one, although we’re 99% sure of the end result, is still in limbo. Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe and Orton will all make themselves eligible for the 2010 NBA Draft this June.

All while the Patterson saga continues to drag out.. He’s in, says UK, then his mother and apparently Patrick, say he’s not in and that he is still contemplating his end decision and then it comes out again that UK said he will declare.

I can’t imagine this decision is  tough for Pat. He’s done his duty at Kentucky, and in the meantime, became one of the beloved Cats, not soon to be forgotten. He appears to be a lottery pick for the 2010 Draft and to top it all off, he will graduate this May, in just three years.

No one can say that this young man has done anything but improve the legacy of Kentucky basketball. He represented the school, the program and the state as well as anyone could have expected and has truly been an ambassador for the Program we call “Kentucky”.

Today, DeMarcus “Boogie” “The Big Cuz” Cousins, ensured himself and The Big Blue Nation, that he would never again dawn a Kentucky uniform with the media announcement that he had hired an agent. An agent by the name of John Greig.

In an interview posted today on Kentucky Sports Radio, John has some intriguing things to say about DeMarcus.

I want people to know the real DeMarcus Cousins. You know him because you spent time around him while he was in Lexington and the fans at Kentucky know him to some degree as well. But I want the national media and the NBA people to get the story about Cousins correct. I want them to see that he is not Michael Beasley or Rasheed Wallace, but is Kevin Durant. Someone that will be great with the fans and great for the team. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t stay up late before games and people need to know that.

DeMarcus loved his experience in Kentucky. It was probably the first place he has ever been where he felt accepted for who he is. He loves the fans of Kentucky and he also loved the fact that the fans in Kentucky loved him. It was the first time a place really embraced him and I am sure he will never forget that.

I have been given a gift to get to work with DeMarcus and I feel very lucky. The sky is the limit for him and I am just glad to be part of it.

Boogie brought a dimension to the team not seen in a while. A big teddy bear of a man who loved to have fun, but when on the court, became a complete beast and competed as hard as anyone. Putting every ounce of everything he had into each and every play. Yep, it’s true that he wore his emotions on his sleeves and he would get frustrated because he was being bull whipped on the court and couldn’t get a call and yes he was involved in the over played Louisville knee and elbow incidence. No matter how you slice DeMarcus’ time at Kentucky, it always comes out sweet.

A little fun Cousins:

Full Story at Kentucky Sports Radio…

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