Tywanna Patterson Speaks Out…

Tywanna Patterson spoke with Larry Vaught this evening on the University of Kentucky press release pertaining to her son, Patrick Pattersons, apparent decision to forgo his Senior year to enter into the NBA Draft.

Here are some excerpts of her conversation with Larry…

Wednesday night, she started getting text messages, voice mails and phone calls from friends congratulating her on her son, Patrick, leaving UK for the NBA.

“I thought, ‘What are you talking about.’ Then I found out UK released a statement saying Patrick and the four freshmen are leaving for the NBA and will declare for the draft,” said Tywanna Patterson Wednesday night. “I said, ‘Really, nobody told me.”

She tried to call her son but could not get him to answer his cell phone. Next she called DeWayne Peevy of the UK sports information office. He told her the statement from UK “wasn’t official” but that coach John Calipari had released a statement that the freshmen along with Patrick would be declaring for the NBA draft and leaving UK.

Once her son called her back, he told her he still intended to think about it a “week or two and then make a decision” just as they planned.

“We were confused people by then,” she said. “I have a problem with it going out and not being official. It is his decision. He has not declared for the draft and once he does he can’t back out because he declared for the draft last year. But I am very upset with all this because the statement Patrick gave to DeWayne, he didn’t know it was being released tonight.’

Tywanna Patterson also tried to call coach John Calipari, but he did not return her phone call.

UKBBN Point of View | This article disturbed me. I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes at Kentucky, and  it’s none of my business. But if an announcement of this magnitude was released, and Patrick was unaware, then this seems wrong. Somewhere, someone got some wires mixed up. If Patrick seriously is considering staying and enrolling in Graduate school and playing one more year, this may push him over the edge and make the decision for him. I hope not…

Sure there will be more to come on this story…


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3 Responses to “Tywanna Patterson Speaks Out…”
  1. Jim in WA says:

    This shouldn’t be any surprise…ya’all knew what you were getting when you hired him. Did ya really think he was gonna leave all his garbage in Memphis? How long before UK has to forfeit a whole season of W’s?

  2. Jay says:

    This could be also that Calipari want it out there as soon as possible because he knows that certain recruits will not wait too long to make a decision.

  3. Easy. Coach Cal wants to appear to support FIVE (five!) guys declaring for the draft in one fell swoop. Makes him look really good, especially as ESPN announced it last night. Nice play, Cal. But unfortunately it backfired (a little).

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