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So the 2009-2010 Men’s Basketball Season is officially ended… Sigh…

Oh well, let’s get on to next year. That’s RIGHT, next year. Time to stop worrying and moping (1 archaic : to act in a dazed or stupid manner. 2 : to give oneself up to brooding : become listless or dejected. 3 : to move slowly or aimlessly) around the house over the dejected ending of the season and begin thinking about the next, after all it is only seven months away. Man, Coach Calipari has a lot of work to do between now and then.

But GREAT news has been found. The very first, or at least the first I have seen, 2010-2011 Men’s Basketball, Way to Early to Even Think About, Preseason Poll is out. Here is how it falls out, according to Mike Miller of NBCSports.com… Disclosure (the act or an instance of disclosing : exposure) at the BOTTOM of the list.. PLEASE READ…

  1. Michigan State
  2. Duke
  3. Butler
  4. Purdue
  5. Pitt
  6. Ohio State
  7. Kansas State
  8. Memphis
  9. Syracuse
  10. Georgetown
  11. Kansas
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. UNLV
  14. UTEP
  15. Illinois
  16. Villanova
  17. Florida
  18. Xavier
  19. Gonzaga
  20. North Carolina
  21. Baylor
  22. Washington
  23. Vanderbilt
  24. New Mexico State
  25. Missouri

Dang, who is missing? Yep, note NO Kentucky and NO Louisville… Okay, the U of L thing is okay, but really NO Kentucky. Of course I guess it is hard to rank a team that only has four or five Players possibly coming back after a year full of more talent then Whoville has Who’s.

By the way, here is that disclosure thing I talked about earlier | Mike says and I quote.. Actually copied the quote…

Kentucky fans, take note: I have no clue where to slot the Wildcats right now. Neither does John Calipari. Can’t remember the last time a team had so much up in the air in terms of one season to the next.

Want to Read Mike’s FULL Article, well click HERE


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