Coach Calipari to the NBA…


Here we go again… John Calipari and these stinking NBA rumors. I swear, I wish the guy from Russia would just have stayed in Russia and let the Net’s stink up the NBA. Come on, every league needs a team at the bottom and just as long as it’s not Kentucky, then I’m happy.

So what is the latest rumor? Calipari to the Nets… Calipari to the Nets… Calipari to the Nets… Calipari to the Nets… Calipari to the Nets…

So what did Coach Calipari have to say about the ongoing Russian Nets Rumor?

Heck No…

Well, he didn’t say that exactly, but he did say He has NO interest…

He had a few other things to say that is worth the read |

“You know one fun thing for me?” says Cal.

“I’m not rumored for every college job.”

“In all my years of coaching, they tried to use that on me in recruiting. Every college job that opened, my name was thrown in. Guess what? Not anymore. Because I’ve got the greatest college job.”

“Now, they’ll throw in my name at the NBA, and I have no interest. But there is no way they can come back and say, He wants this job, that job.”

Full Story HERE…


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