Daniel Orton Twitter Update

Daniel Orton

In life, we all deal with emotions that can create issues if allowed to surface. In this instant, one fan (Of what team is still to be determined by myself – I think most assume this is a UK fan. I have yet to verify that) will have to deal with the results of his emotional outburst. To say something is one thing, but to print it for the public to see and for all to read is something else.

Daniel took it on the chin from an apparent friend of Daniels on his facebook page. On facebook, “friend” is probably the incorrect verbiage for individuals who follow those in the public eye. With most sports stars, media members, actors, and so on, approving someone as a “friend” on facebook is  more out of respect for an individual who the star has most likely never met, heard of or will ever meet. Unfortunately, some utilize this as a forum for both positive and negative outburst.

In this instance, I DO NOT agree with the fan and his comments, but I also DO NOT agree with the way the comment was handled. There was absolutely nothing to gain by either party, either the original post or Daniel’s post on Twitter with a link to a picture of the actual comment. It could have easily been reported to facebook and just deleted.

On the other side of the pillow, as an 18 or 19-year-old young man who’s under an incredible amount of scrutiny and pressure, I could only imagine how I would have responded, especially to a direct attack.

As a fan, remember who we are, FANS. It is our privilege to follow those that we call our own. Enjoy them while we can because eventually, they ALL leave…

Go Big Blue!!!


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