UKBBN Thursday’s Lunch Time Links

The Beat Down is over… UK found a few things, which we will highlight later, and it’s Thursday…

So here they are, the picks for the day… ENJOY…

12 Shocking SEC Moments | Here they are, according to, the 12 Most Shocking Moments in the SEC over the last Decade… Brian Harback writes “Twelve is such a small number to try and fit every shocking moment from the past decade in the SEC but why not try. These are the twelve moments in the last 10 years that made my mouth drop open and nearly hit the floor. Some are games, some are Coaching hires or dismissals and some are just moments that stuck out in my mind. But no matter what you think of them, they are the moments that shocked me and keep in mind they are not ranked or numbered in any way.”

Look See What We Found… | My own article talking about what UK found and can take away from the Georgia game, including discussion on the recently found 5 star point guard at UK not named John Wall, the answer to the 3-point shooting woes and a comment by Patrick Patterson that shocked the fire out of me when he said “no decision has been made about returning/leaving for senior season. Said hasn’t thought about being honored Sunday”

UK Clinches SEC Championship | Fred Cowgill of reports “UK Basketball’s win Tuesday at Georgia was important in a variety of ways. It gave Kentucky its 44th SEC Championship and top overall seeding in next week’s league tournament. It gave the Wildcats an easy path to the conference tournament title game a week from Sunday, 3 games in 3 days but all at a coveted early afternoon time.

Yahoo! Sports All Coaches Team | Jason King of Yahoo sports throws his opinion in the ring on who the Coach of the Year is when he states “At 28-2 overall and 16-2 in league play, Syracuse will enter the Big East and NCAA tournaments playing better than any team in college basketball – and, yes, that includes Kansas and Kentucky, the other teams with two losses.”

UK Turns Up the Defensive Heat in Athens | Matt May with The Cats Pause, discussed Caliparis take on his team’s Defensive game. “Having all but begged his team to lock down on the defensive end, UK coach John Calipari finally witnessed what his talented squad may be capable of on that end of the floor. The Cats (28-2, 13-2) turned a two-point affair into a runaway by holding Georgia without a shot that hit the rim in the first 3:01 of the second half. During the stretch UK produced five turnovers and saw Darius Miller block a pair of Travis Leslie jumpers to crank up the defensive pressure to levels previously unseen this season.”

Joker Phillips at the UK – UGA Game? | It was reported by Larry Vaught that Joker Phillips was in attendance at the UK vs. Georgia game last night in Athens. As Vaught pointed out, this was very smart recruiting move by Joker. First, I’m sure Georgia had a few football recruits at the game and they saw Joker behind the bench. Second, it associates the football program with the basketball program which is never a bad thing. Lastly, I’m sure Calipari will be seen at a few away games next year. UK isn’t just selling a program, they are selling a brand too!

Bluegrass Fans Profess Their Love for UK’s Fantastic Freshmen | Connie Leonard of Wave 3 writes this about John Wall. “From his rock star debut at Big Blue Madness, to his high flying moves on the court and game saving heroics, the Sports Illustrated cover boy is arguably the most talented and most exciting freshman point guard in the nation and he has plenty of hearts beating. ” “I’ve had many Louisville fans say, ‘look, I still hate Kentucky, but I like John Wall,'” said Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio.

UK Recruit and #1 Ranked Player in the Country, Could Be Close to Announcing His Decision | Brandon said’ “I’m pretty ready. I want to make sure I make the right decision,” Knight told the Sentinel after scoring 25 points in a 77-63 victory over Williston in a Florida Class 3A semifinal. And his father stated, “Nobody’s leading. Brandon can flourish at any one of the schools that he’s going to,” Efrem Knight said by phone. “It still where it’s been. He’s considering all the same schools.” The five schools on his list are UConn, Florida, Kentucky, Arizona and West Virginia.

That’s all for today… I am out of here…


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