Look See What We Found…

Four games… Four horrible games… Zone after zone after zone after zone… Clink and clunk, doink and ding, brick after brick.

Enough clunkers to build a small house. UK, as talented as they are, had lost their ability to hit a 3 point shot. Not just a little decrease in their overall performance, but a massive drop.

For the last four games, UK shot a blistering 16.4%  going 12-73 from deep including a season low 2-22 for an ice-cold 9.1% in the loss against Tennessee.

Shooting woes had gotten so bad from behind the line, that Jon Hood felt compelled to approach Coach Calipari to personally request more playing time, believing that he could help the team get out of the 3-point slump.

So here comes Georgia. Yes, Georgia. The cellar dwellers of the SEC with only the hapless LSU Tigers below them.  So whats the worry, right?

Wrong, this is a team who is on a four game winning streak at home and winners of five of their last six at Athens, including wins over the then #8 Tennessee Volunteers, the then #20 Vanderbilt Commodore’s and a Florida team who is desperately seeking enough late season wins to crawl into the Big Dance.

In fact, they have yet to lose at home to any members of the SEC East. Only Kentucky remained as the last victim to a perfect season at home against their SEC East rivals.

Photo Compliments of True Blue Kentucky

March 3, in comes the Big Blue Bus, searching, searching for the last few pieces of a puzzle that provides the picture needed for a deep run into the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

UK’s start to the game was slow…. uh oh…. The end of the game was fast… uh oh…. UK wins easily, 80-68.

Wall scores 24, has an assist to turnover ratio of 2:1 with 6 assist to only 3 turnovers, grabs 1 board, picks 3 pockets, rejects 1 poor soul and has one INCREDIBLE dunk.

Patterson chips in with another double-double with 17 points and 10 boards including going 1-2 from 3-point land. Couple that with 4 blocks, 2 steals and 1 assist and you have just another Patrick Patterson night.

Darnell Dodson pitched in 11 points while DeMarcus “Double-Double” Cousins had a small break tonight only scoring 6 points, grabbing 4 boards, but swatting away an incredible 6 Georgia shots.

So what did the Cats find? Well lets take a look…

  • FOUND | 3 point shooting…. UK chunked up 24 from deep, making 8 for 33.3%. John Wall and Darnell Dodson led the way with 3 a piece. , Looky, looky what we found… WIN!!!
  • FOUND | Joker Phillips – (we hope) on a recruiting trip in Georgia… Either way, he was spotted hanging out in the crowd and is apparently staying to support our Lady Wildcats in the SEC Tournament. Operation Win… WIN!!!
  • FOUND | Charles Barclay – were not sure what Charles was doing at the Georgia game, but he had a lot better seat then we did, and we were watching it live on the SEC Network… I read that Charles grabbed John Wall, during the post game interview, to congratulate him on his night. WIN!!!
  • FOUND | A 5-star point guard, not named John Wall. Yep, in fact were pretty sure he will go down as the tallest Guard in the history of Kentucky. We know for a fact he had the UKBBN play of the night. He stands at an incredible 6 feet 11 inches and is nicknamed “Boogie”. He showed why he’s called Boogie as he grabbed the board, dribbled the length of the court, picked up his dribble at the free throw line taking two Giant (I am Cuz) steps launching himself into the air and doing an incredible imitation of Doctor J’s right hand to left hand switch, ending it all with a beautiful left handed lay up… Move over John Wall, here comes Big Cuz… WIN!!!
  • FOUND | At least a share of Kentucky’s 44th Regular Season SEC Championship and a win on Sunday will secure an out right Championship, AGAIN. WIN!!!
  • FOUND | An all important 28th win of the season and it was won on the road in a tough environment, walking away at the end, 80-68. WIN!!!
  • FOUND | A comment reported by Mark May on his Twitter site, that “Patrick Patterson says no decision has been made about returning/leaving for senior season. Said hasn’t thought about being honored Sunday”. WIN???
  • FOUND | One step closer to that highly coveted number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament… One more win should do it… WIN!!!

Who ever thought we would find so much in a state known as the Peach State… Things sure ended up being sweet for the Cats…


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