UKBIGBLUENATION on facebook is giving away a free UK t-shirt.


So, how can you get entered? Simple:

First go to the facebook fan page at UKBIGBLUENATION FAN PAGE.

Second become a fan.

Third, go to the “Discussions” tab and answer the discussion question, Who is Your Favorite UK Basketball Player of All Times?.

Fourth, invite your friends to become a fan of the UKBBN page. Utilize the “Invite Your Friends” tab. Send them a personal message telling them how they can get entered to win a free shirt. First, they become a fan. Second, they answer the question on the Discussions tab. Third, ask them to post your name along with the name of their favorite UK Player of all times. Both of you will be entered into the drawing. The more friends you invite, the more chances you could earn, but they MUST place your name in their response.

Fifth, answer the Question of the Week below and get an additional entry. Be sure and sign up for our e-mail updates in the upper right hand corner of this page.

You have until 12:00P.M. Eastern on March 7th to get your name entered. So, post your answer, invite your friends and visit the blog.

Note: You MUST be a fan on UKBIGBLUENATION’s fan page on facebook to win. We have to be able to contact you.

Note: If, for some reason, the shirt is no longer available or your size is not available or anyone of multiple other reasons, UKBIGBLUENATION has the right to change the style and type of shirt.

Note: In the case you are the winner, you must be willing to share your address to allow shipment of your prize.

The winner will be posted on the UKBIGBLUENATION facebook fan page during the Florida at Kentucky game on March 7th.

Go Big Blue!


Detest, dislike, loathe, whatever your word, it’s the one team you want UK to CRUSH every time they play. Who is it?

Florida | Tennessee | Duke | Louisville | North Carolina | Other (Who?)

Post your answer in the comment section below.

Good luck… and Go Big Blue!!

Visit the blog at UKBBN-BLOG.


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