Compilation Of The Best From The Rest And A Few Originals

To my readers, new or old:

Welcome or welcome back.

As a member of the Big Blue Nation, it’s a privilege to bring you the Kentucky Wildcats, from my mental silo…

A silo is a single container that can store just about anything and is typically sealed to exclude air.

In this case, that everything is the Kentucky Wildcats.

As a writer for, I have the opportunity to cover the Wildcats from a personal approach, not limited by a corporate agenda or a slanted approach, yet an approach uniquely my own.

Some may like the approach, while others, rightfully so, dislike my take on the Cats.

One item that will always be guaranteed; I Bleed Blue, from tip to toe, so at the end of the day, I’m probably just like you, a True Blue fan.

Feel free to peruse the site, give me your feedback and offer up your opinion.

While at it, check out my work and that of my co-workers, over at Nation of Blue…

Go Cats!!!


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